Downtown’s Getting a Dog and Pirate-Themed Tiki Bar, Stray Pirate

A new bar is headed to downtown Las Vegas, Stray Pirate Tropical Cocktails & Effects.

The new tiki bar will feature at least two of the best things in the world: Dogs and pirates.

The opening of Stray Pirate is scheduled for Oct. 7, 2023.

stray pirate logo
These are a few of our favorite things.

The new bar will be located at 1321 S. Commerce Street, between W. Colorado Ave. and W. Imperial Ave. It’s near Akin Cooperative (1325 S. Commerce) and Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. (1319 S. Commerce). The space used to be Authentik, a home furnishings boutique from by chef Natalie Young, known for her downtown restaurant, Eat. The new bar is basically a block west of the main drag of the Arts District, Main Street.

The theme of the bar was inspired by “a mythical band of cursed pirates, who are turned into dogs after their hunt for treasure leads them into an enchanted grotto.”

Beyond the charming theme, Stray Pirate is working with a known quantity in Las Vegas, Chris Gutierrez. We don’t recall having met Gutierrez, but we have definitely enjoyed his cocktails.

Gutierrez will oversee cocktails and operations at Stray Pirate, and he’s been involved with Corduroy on Fremont East, Oak & Ivy at the Downtown Container Park and the oldest bar in downtown Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors.

dog pirate
We didn’t get this from the folks at Stray Pirate, we just like making things with A.I.

While we couldn’t get our hands on a rendering of the inside of Stray Pirate, we’re told it’s being designed by Ben Bassham, known as “Bamboo Ben,” and the place will look like the inside of a wrecked pirate ship that will make guests feel as though they’re underwater.

It seems Bassham is a bit of a tiki lounge legend, having designed nearly 60 tiki bars around the world. Here’s more.

stray pirate art
This is a sample of the art that will be on display at Stray Pirate. This place has a great hook.

We’re always up for a new tiki bar! There are a few strong offerings in town, including a beloved dive bar, Frankie’s Tiki Lounge, and popular hangout, Golden Tiki. (We haven’t visited Golden Tiki since it parted ways with former managing partner, Branden Powers. Long story.)

Resorts World took at stab at a tiki lounge, Golden Monkey Tiki Lounge, but it was done poorly and on the cheap. Fewer monkeys, more dogs. And pirates!

We’re completed intrigued by Stray Pirate Tropical Cocktails & Effects, and look forward to sharing a liquor-infused review when it opens.

Are you surprised we managed to write this entire story without some stupid pirate joke? Well, “aargh” you?

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