Amazon Walk Out Arrives at Harry Reid International Airport


Thanks to the latest retail technology from Amazon called “Just Walk Out,” you might no longer have to wait in line to pay for your goods at airports. Hudson, a North American travel retailer, has put this technology into use in its Hudson Nonstop store at Las Vegas International Airport. This is a revolutionary step that will make shopping easier and offer a contactless buying experience. With Amazon’s Just Walk Out, which uses an Amazon One device, customers can walk into the store, pick out the things they want, and pay for them by waving their hand over the device. Your credit or debit card is linked to your palm signature, which makes it possible for a smooth, automatic exchange. Hudson opens the way for a new way to shop that could change the way stores work in other airports and commuter hubs. Its goal is to meet the growing demand for speed and ease.


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Introduction to Amazon Walk Out at Harry Reid International Airport

Hey there, have you heard about the latest advancement in travel retail? The North American travel retailer, Hudson, has taken a leap into the future and deployed Amazon’s Just Walk Out solution at their Hudson Nonstop store located at the Las Vegas Airport (LAS). This innovative technology is set to change the way we shop while traveling, offering a more convenient, time-saving and contactless way to purchase goods on the go.

Hudson deploys Amazon’s Just Walk Out solution at Las Vegas store

The technology unveiled at the Dallas location is nothing short of revolutionary. Known as Amazon’s Just Walk Out solution, it allows the seamless integration of the latest digital payment technologies into a traditional store setting, accelerating the shopping experience dramatically.

Overview of the Just Walk Out solution

Just Walk Out is an autonomous shopping solution that is set to transform the retail industry. It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms, sensor fusion and computer vision to eliminate checkout lines, hence offering customers a seamless and rapid shopping experience.

Hudson becomes the first travel retailer to offer the service

Hudson truly sets the pace when it comes to travel retail. With the implementation of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, they have become the first travel retailer to offer a checkout-free shopping experience. This means that Hudson Nonstop will be the first store where travelers can quickly pick products they want, and then proceed to their flights without having to stand in traditional checkout lines.

How the Just Walk Out technology works

The solution works pretty simply. You walk into the store, pick up what you need then leave! The technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. When you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. A little later, your Amazon account will get charged and you then receive a receipt.

Enrollment process for new customers

For new customers, an enrollment kiosk is available where they can sign up by associating their credit or debit card with a palm signature. It’s easy, secure and quick, getting you shopping right away.

Amazon One integration in other Hudson stores

With the successful deployment of the Just Walk Out technology in its Las Vegas store, Hudson has plans of rolling out this technology to other locations as well. Look out for this technology coming soon to the Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) store.

Sainsbury’s contactless and checkout-free convenience store

Retail innovation is not limited to Hudson. The British supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, opened its SmartShop Pick & Go store that offers a checkout-free experience leveraging Amazon One technology.

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Overview of Hudson Nonstop Store at Harry Reid International Airport

Introduction to Hudson Nonstop store

Hudson Nonstop, as the name suggests, provides a unique, quick and seamless shopping experience for travellers. It combines the convenience of physical retail with the simplicity and speed of online shopping.

Location at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

The store lives up to its name, providing nonstop service at the busy Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), offering passengers a quick and easy way to grab last-minute travel needs.

Description of the store and its offerings

The Hudson Nonstop store sells a variety of products, from books to snacks to travel essentials. Essentially, everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Implementation of Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology

Explanation of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology aims to make shopping as simple as possible. Using sensors and artificial intelligence, it allows you to walk into a store, take what you need and then walk out, with the payment processed automatically.

Features and benefits for customers and retailers

For customers, it’s all about saving time and an effortless shopping experience. For retailers like Hudson, it means enhanced customer satisfaction, increased sales and an ability to keep pace with an increasingly digital world.

How the technology enables contactless shopping

In a world where contactless interaction is becoming the norm, Just Walk Out technology shines. It allows customers to buy what they need without interacting with a cashier or touching a payment terminal.

Payment options available for customers

Flexibility is key. You can pay with a card or simply by waving your palm over the Amazon One device.

Comparison to traditional checkout systems

Compared to traditional checkout systems, it’s faster, easier, and reduces queues during busy periods. Essentially, it’s checkout-free shopping.

Hudson’s Role as a Pioneer Travel Retailer

Hudson becomes the first travel retailer to adopt the Just Walk Out technology

Hudson’s adoption of the Just Walk Out technology is an industry milestone, paving the way for future innovations in travel retail.

Importance of convenience and speed in travel retail

In the travel retail world, every second counts. The importance of speed and convenience can’t be overstated.

Hudson’s commitment to redefining the travel experience

Hudson is committed to innovation and embracing cutting-edge technologies to meet and exceed the expectations of travellers.

Plans for introducing more innovative solutions and retail concepts

With the successful implementation of the Just Walk Out technology, look forward to Hudson introducing more innovative solutions and retail concepts in the near future.


Enrollment Process for New Customers

Overview of the enrollment process

For new users, the enrollment process involves linking their credit or debit card with a palm signature at an enrollment kiosk.

Steps for signing up and associating credit/debit card with palm signature

Signing up and associating a credit or debit card with a palm signature is simple and straightforward, a one-time process that’s done at the enrollment kiosk.

Assistance provided by Hudson through an enrollment kiosk

Assistance is available for anyone needing help with the sign-up process at the enrollment kiosk.

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Benefits of subscribing to the newsletter

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Instructions for subscribing to the newsletter

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Impact on the travel retail industry

The implementation is set to revolutionize the travel retail industry and set new standards for customer service and experience.

Future prospects and advancements in contactless shopping

Just Walk Out technology signifies just the beginning. The future of contactless shopping holds many more exciting advancements. Watch this space!

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